Provider Minute Video: The Importance of Proper Documentation

May 31, 2018

Why is proper documentation important to you and your patients? Find out how it affects items/services, claim payment, and medical review in the  Provider Minute: The Importance of Proper Documentation – Opens in a new window video. Learn about: Top five documentation errors How to submit documentation for a Comprehensive Error Rate Testing review How your …

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DOJ Confirms Active ‘No-Poaching’ Criminal Investigations in Healthcare and Other Industries

May 22, 2018

The Antitrust Division at the US Department of Justice (DOJ) publicly acknowledged once again last week that active criminal investigations involving “no-poaching” agreements are underway. The most recent statement clarifies that a number of these criminal investigations are targeting companies in the healthcare industry. In general, DOJ and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have described …

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How make sure your petty cash is safe

May 18, 2018

Have Accounts Payable, Accounting, Finance or Personnel handle the petty cash box. Keep the key in a location known only to you and perhaps one other employee. Put it where it will not be found unless someone is specifically looking for it—i.e., behind a book in a manager’s office rather than in your upper righthand …

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Ophthalmology Services: Questionable Billing and Improper Payments

May 16, 2018

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) reports that Medicare is vulnerable to fraud, waste, and abuse for wet Age-related Macular Degeneration (wet AMD) and cataracts: Administration of Lucentis injections for wet AMD more than once every 28 days (based on local coverage determinations) Billing for a second cataract surgery on the same eye Submitting …

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Another doctor gets in trouble with the government – good grief!

May 15, 2018

A Texas doctor was arrested Monday on charges he led a $240 million health care fraud and money laundering scheme in which he falsely diagnosed patients with degenerative diseases and gave them unneeded chemotherapy and other treatments. Jorge Zamora-Quezada, 61, operates clinics focused on arthritis and osteoporosis in Brownsville, Edinburg and San Antonio, Texas. He …

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Reporting Changes in Ownership — Reminder

May 10, 2018

A 2016 Office of the Inspector General (OIG) report noted that providers may not be informing CMS of ownership changes. Providers must update their enrollment information to reflect changes in ownership within 30 days. Owners are individuals or corporations with a 5 percent or more ownership or controlling interest. Failure to comply could result in …

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Want to sell your medical practice?

May 9, 2018

We can help! Please visit: Home    

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How the Employer Credit for Family and Medical Leave Benefits Employers

May 8, 2018

This post focuses on educating employers about the employer credit for paid family and medical leave created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed last year. Employers may claim the credit based on wages paid to qualifying employees while they are on family and medical leave. Here are some facts about this credit and …

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Ophthalmologists incorrectly reporting HCPCS codes G9890 and G9891 on Medicare claims

May 4, 2018

CMS (Medicare) recently found that some ophthalmologists are reporting G9890 and G9891 in error for services after 12/31/2017, causing claims to deny. These codes were deleted and reissued 4/1/2018 with a different definition and purpose. G9890: Bridge payment – first session furnished by MDPP supplier to an MDPP beneficiary who has previously received MDPP services from …

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Creating a physician office “operations” manual

May 2, 2018

Businesses of all sizes are constantly trying to streamline operations so they can spend less money while improving productivity. And while it may not always seem like it, your practice is indeed a business. This means you should always be on the lookout for ways to make your practice more efficient. One of the best …

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