HIPAA risk analysis tool available

February 23, 2017

In case you missed it, the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology (ONC) released last year a downloadable Security Risk Assessment (SRA) Tool to assist providers and professionals to perform HIPAA compliance risk assessments. It was designed primarily for small and medium-sized covered entities and business …

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Negotiating a Health Plan Contract

February 21, 2017

Many physicians assume that attempting to negotiate a health plan contract is hopeless — but that is a myth. Practices have been successful in negotiation attempts, winning both payment and term changes in their contracts. The first step in securing a better contract is deciding if you want to contract with the health plan in first place, …

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Use the “Where’s My Refund?” Tool

February 20, 2017

Taxpayers who have not yet received their income tax refunds can use “Where’s My Refund?” app to check the status. Find it on or the free IRS mobile app IRS2Go. Here are five tips to know about “Where’s My Refund?”: Some Refunds Delayed. Beginning in 2017, certain taxpayers will get their refunds later. By …

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Surgical Centers Can’t Ditch Cigna’s $8M ERISA Suit

February 16, 2017

A Texas federal judge has refused to throw out the majority of a suit brought by two Cigna units accusing ambulatory surgical centers of violating the Employee Retirement Income Security Act by waiving payments for out-of-network patients, but billing the insurers as if patients had paid.

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Billing issues that aggravate your physician medical practice

February 15, 2017

When a practice’s medical billing staff or service fails to accurately claim all the revenue the practice has earned – for example, by under-coding to ‘save time’ or neglecting to use important modifiers – this naturally represents an immediate loss of revenue.  But when the team begins to cut service corners or fall behind in …

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Developing and Positioning Physicians to Help Drive ACO Success

February 14, 2017

ACO success requires organizations to position, empower and support their physicians to drive the fundamental clinical and operational changes necessary for sustainable performance gains. Building physician leadership capability at all levels within an organization and engaging physicians in all aspects of performance improvement, as early and as broadly as possible, is essential. As such, here …

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Are you an innovating type of physician?

February 13, 2017

To be a true innovating physician entrepreneur means you must be in a constant state of awareness. No one can survive without focusing in their own way on what matters and drives their medical practice. Therefore, you must relentlessly focus that ownership on what drives your practice, create a culture that reflects who you are, …

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Taking another look at your physician office patient payment policies

February 9, 2017

Does your practice have a written patient payment policy that clearly states patient payment options and the consequences of not paying? Do you enforce your policy, or do you tend to allow exceptions? If your practice is wishy-washy about your payment policy, you essentially are allowing each patient to make his or her own policy. …

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Don’t Fall for Scam Calls and Emails Posing as IRS

February 7, 2017

Scams continue to use the IRS as a lure. These tax scams take many different forms. The most common scams are phone calls and emails from thieves who pretend to be from the IRS. Scammers use the IRS name, logo or a fake website to try and steal money from taxpayers. Identity theft can also …

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Ideas to Increase Physician Referrals

February 6, 2017

Although you may excel in your specialty, referrals from other physicians are not something you can take for granted. You still have to work at being at the top of your colleagues’ referral list. While getting out and meeting with colleagues is a great way to generate referrals, you should consider these four ways to …

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