Compliance Plan for Physician Practice

April 25, 2013

Modify and implement this sample compliance plan in your medical practice.

To download and view the complete compliance plan, click here: Compliance Plan.doc



It is a fundamental policy of ____________________________(“the Practice”) that all of its business and other practices be conducted at all times in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the United States, the State of __________ , all other applicable local laws and ordinances and the ethical standards/practices of the industry and the practice of medicine.

The Governing Body of the Practice, at its regularly scheduled meeting on __________, 20___, adopted the resolution attached hereto as EXHIBIT A and approved the development of a Compliance Plan (“the Plan”).  A Compliance Committee was formed to review and modify the Plan as appropriate.  The Plan was approved and adopted by the Practice’s Governing Body on ___________, 20___.

The Compliance Plan is intended as a guide to help implement this policy of compliance with all applicable standards.  The laws, regulations and ethical rules that govern health care are too numerous to list in the Plan.  Fundamentally, all parties (as defined below) of the Practice are expected to conduct all business activities honestly and fairly.  Any form of lying, cheating or misrepresentation is forbidden.

The Plan applies to all members of the governing body of the Practice, employed or contracted physicians, all other health care providers employed or contracted with the Practice, all Practice employees, consultants and others doing business with the Practice (hereinafter “Employees or Contractors”).  Each Employee or Contractor is responsible for his or her own conduct in complying with the Plan’s content.

The Plan will be distributed and explained to all Employees and Contractors.  In addition, supplemental data dealing with specific topics may be distributed to Employees or Contractors in certain areas as deemed appropriate.

The Plan is monitored on a regular basis and reviewed no less than annually by the Compliance Officers (“CO”).  In coordination with the Compliance Committee (“CC”), the Compliance Officer may add or delete subjects as and if warranted.

To download and view the complete compliance plan, click here: Compliance Plan

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