The American Organ Transplant Association

March 31, 2007

Since 1986, the American Organ Transplant Association (AOTA) has helped over 60,000 people. As an example of support, AOTA continues to coordinate transportation for patients to and from transplant centers for evaluation, surgery and aftercare. The organization is grateful to the renewed commitment by Greyhound Bus Lines in helping patients through AOTA.

We ask today for your help in supporting others. Your charitable and tax deductible contribution will allow us to expand our transportation program, further our patient medication assistance program and provide support directly to patients. I am proud that our non-profit is positioned to allocate one hundred percent (100%) of every dollar you donate to help a patient. There is no administration or operating costs deducted from your donation.

Today, over 90,000 people await a transplant. As the costs for medical insurance increases and consumer driven health plan programs increase and shift more of the financial burden to individuals, patients are looking for even more help.

We receive calls of need on a regular basis. For 20 years now, we have helped transplant centers throughout the country help families and patients in need. Every family and patient we help appreciate the remarkable difference we made, just as you would if you were in such a time of need.

“Words can’t express how much we appreciate your generosity. Making it possible for my husband and I to fly to Houston when he donated his kidney to his brother was a blessing. My husband is out of a job and we couldn’t afford to fly but because of you this was made possible. ”(Darla H)

Another writes, “Thanks again to the A.O.T.A. for being able to help us out. You have helped make the miracle of transplantation a reality for me and my family.” (Joshua S)

Such heartwarming words in the midst of a life and death situation make it worth the extra effort in doing what we can to help. Join me in allowing us to continue to make a difference. Your donation today of $25 or $2500 will help a neighbor in need.

Please make your donation to:

American Organ Transplant Association

c/o Reed Tinsley, CPA

21175 Tomball Parkway, #194

Houston, TX 77070

Please visit our website at

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