Managing Medical Practice Employees

July 26, 2015

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Human resource issues have always been a major concern for any medical practice. Unfortunately, it is one area where people have learned how to manage employees while on the job. In other words, most supervisors, whether it is the doctor, administrator, nurse, or office manager, have not had the requisite training in human resource matters. Therefore, many have, if at all, learned to manage simply through experience. We all know any failure to properly manage practice employees will lead to a breakdown in productivity and efficiency in the office.

Human resource management assumes you have hired a good employee to begin with. It is almost impossible to properly manage an employee who is not qualified to work in a medical practice. However, time after time, physicians have hired the wrong people for their practice. Many continue to do so. Practice the basics of hiring, such as checking on references, reviewing prior experience in a medical practice, and finding out why the person has changed jobs. To be really successful however, use what we call the ìjob questioningî approach to interviewing. To any applicant, ask questions that bring out that person’s knowledge of issues that impact the position. For example, if the job is for billing, you might want to ask about the applicant’s specific knowledge of coding and certain Medicare rules that impact your practice. These questions are a great way to weed out applicants.

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