Merging Medical Practices: Look Before You Leap

July 27, 2015

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Current changes in health care are forcing many physicians to merge their medical practices. Because any successful merger requires careful planning, there are many critical issues that should be reviewed, discussed, and decided by physicians considering merging their medical practices. This article explores some of these issues and provides a useful practice merger checklist.

Combining separate medical practices into a large group practice is becoming a common way to deal with physician reimbursement and government regulation.

Many prognosticators declare that the day of the physician in solo practice is dead because the market will force most physicians into large group practices. Without consideration of current market forces, the merging of medical practices offers many benefits: better overall management, centralized and efficient billing and collection, group purchasing discounts, reduced overhead, and the ability to better respond to departing owners.

In spite of these benefits, the process of merging can be fraught with problems if not executed properly. The Medical Practice Merger Checklist included with this article serves as a guide to help physicians facilitate a merger. Properly used, this checklist can ensure the success of a merger.

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