Plan Ahead Before Merging Medical Practices

July 27, 2015

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A principle reaction to the changes currently revolving around physician reimbursement and government regulation is the merger of separate medical practices into a single group practice. Many prognosticators are predicting that the day of the doctor in solo practice is dead; that the market will encourage all or most physicians to join some form of group practice model.

Without consideration of the current market forces, the benefits of merging medical practices are many: better total management, centralized and efficient billing and collection, group purchasing discounts, overhead economies of scale, and practice transition. While this idea works for many, it is fraught with problems if not executed properly.

One of the major problems that can occur is merging your practice with the This is why practices are advised to determine whether they are, in fact, compatible. If they are not, you can bet the bank that the merger will result in failure. This is why it is best to conduct a pre-assessment of the involved practices to determine compatibility before signing on the dotted line.

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