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March 28, 2013

While most doctors spend the majority of their time involved in patient care, we are increasingly becoming distracted by the complicated future of the healthcare industry. National policy changes, decreasing reimbursements and a growing insured population are putting the viability of the average medical practice in jeopardy.

Today, it’s not enough to provide quality care. As business people, we have to determine how to leverage new ways of conducting our business and new methods of revenue generation so that we can continue to serve families long into the future.

Recently, there has been high visibility to the idea of ancillary services, pushing us to ask ourselves, “what can I add into my practice that is easy to adopt, not expensive to implement and is manageable by me and my staff?”

There is a litany of services we regularly outsource – prescriptions, blood work or specialized testing – that could be brought within our practice walls. And while the idea of revenue is attractive, the reality of integrating something new into daily operations is daunting.

This is where today’s newest technologies can help. PhoneMyDoctor is a physician-developed solution designed to help practices grow revenue by capturing income for services they are already providing – after hours telephone consultation and care.

By working with existing phone equipment and fitting into daily activities, PhoneMyDoctor streamlines patient phone calls to the practice by walking the patient through a series of phone prompts that collects necessary information and records details about the patient complaint. The physician on call is then notified via text that an encounter is waiting for response. Within one call using either interactive response or voice keys, the physician can listen to the patient complaint, call back the patient, order any required prescriptions and leave follow up instructions with staff.

And since the entire encounter is recorded, the practice can bill for the encounter, generating revenue from activity that practices do every day.

“In addition to the opportunity for potential new, future income, PhoneMyDoctor immediately lowered our costs,” said Gregory W. Horn, M.D., practicing with Mississippi Coast OB/GYN, P.A., PhoneMyDoctor user. “It’s much cheaper than outsourcing after hours care and even saved us money compared to our traditional answering service while reducing the amount of time we spend on each call. Between the cost and time savings and the ability to bill for these encounters, I view PhoneMyDoctor as a tool for better business and better patient care.”

PhoneMyDoctor is also good for patients. It allows the physician to interact with their patients already equipped with valuable details about their concerns and since the phone consultation is recorded, there is a record of the care provided that can be added to the patient’s history.

With the impact of increasingly stringent insurance changes, as well as greater healthcare expectations from the patients themselves, practice success requires optimizing the balance of thoroughness and efficiency.  By finding the right combinations of technology, new services and better standards of care, both physicians and patients will win.

By Dr. Paul Guillory, MD, Otolaryngologist – Head and Neck Surgeon, President, PhoneMyDoctor

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