Product Spotlight – Physician Coding and Productivity Analyzer

April 23, 2005

This product by Ingenix takes the guesswork out of physician productivity benchmarking by providing the tools and the data to let you make meaningful comparisons.  This customized resource allows you to compare your coding patterns against national, regional and state benchmarks by providing top ICD-9-CM diagnosis and Physicians’ Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) procedure codes billed by other physicians within your specialty, and by group size. It also provides the payer and patient mixes, average billed charges, and average Work relative value units (RVUs) and average Total RVUs performed.

Compare your practice’s coding patterns against national, regional and state benchmarks. See the top CPT ® codes performed in your specialty by frequency and by charges generated.

See the top diagnosis codes. Compare your practice case mix to the most common diagnoses billed by other providers in your specialty.

See the CPT ® codes billed within the top diagnosis codes. Ensure that your coding captures the services you are providing, and identify additional procedures commonly performed for each diagnosis.

Compare your E/M Coding patterns. Evaluate whether you may be over- or undercoding evaluation and management services that are vital to every practice.

RVU percentiles. Compare your productivity to the average Work and Total RBRVS relative values performed per physician, by day, month, and quarter.

Five percentiles of data for average total billed charges by provider. Compare your gross charges to the 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th percentiles of billed charges by day, month and quarter.

Number of encounters per day, month, and quarter. Improving front desk processes or physician scheduling can increase your total productivity. Determine if your volume supports additional physicians or resources to grow your practice. See how you compare to the top performers.

Productivity Index. Learn how to adjust your data to ensure relevant comparisons for your practice.

Patient mix (payer type, age, gender). Provides further benchmarks for practice analysis.

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