A Simple Physician Compensation Questionnaire

December 10, 2005


Compensation Plan

Physician’s Name:  ___________________________

Date _______________

1. How would you rate your medical practice’s distribution plan?

– Generous

– Reasonable

– Marginal

– Unfair

– Disastrous

2. How would you rate your level of compensation?

– Extremely over compensated

– Over compensated

– Basically fair

– Under compensated

– Extremely under compensated

3. Do you understand the present income distribution plan?

  –  Yes    –  No

4. How would you rate the level of complexity of your existing income distribution plan?

– Extremely complex

– Complex

– Moderate

– Simple

– Very simple

5. Do you feel that your income distribution or compensation plan is adequately achieving its goals? If No, please explain.

 –  Yes    –  No

6. What do you like most about your existing plan?

7. What do you like least about your existing plan?

8. What would you recommend as a change to the existing income distribution or compensation plan?

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