Medical Practice Management
May 12

Handling Unhappy Patients

Stay calm – They might be angry, but they are angry at what’s happened to them, not at you.  Your frame of mind and demeanor can greatly influence the conversation – either positively or negatively.


Know the problem – Do not start off on a solution without having a complete understanding of the problem.  Don’t stop talking with the patient until you’re very clear what happened and what steps they’ve taken to date.  Review what you know and make sure you aren’t missing anything.  Get as specific as you can with dates and with whom they’ve spoken.


Ask them what they want – You might need to do this several times, “peeling the onion” to get at what they really desire.


Know what you can do – Know what the limits (yours and the organization’s) are in offering a solution.  Your company’s processes and systems are a mystery to your patients.  Help them through the system.  Don’t let them get dropped or forgotten.


Say you’re sorry – Apologize (authentically) for anything you can own – that they are frustrated, that they got an unexpected bill, etc.  However, there is no need to apologize unnecessarily, or to admit fault.


Follow up – Make sure you follow through on what you say you will do.  Do not make promises that you cannot keep, or on behalf of other people.

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