Some will disagree but there is not much separating “tax preparers” these days. Any CPA worth their salt can prepare a good tax return. They should – it’s their job! This is a necessary skill set but in today’s economic conditions and reimbursement rates, you require more. You need a real “tax planner” — someone who is BOTH technically proficient at the paperwork and who is proactive about spotting and suggesting ways for you to pay the minimum amount legally possible. Which category does your current CPA fall into? Make sure they are working as hard to save you money as you worked to earn it.

In addition, you need a CPA who can also perform healthcare consulting services. As a Physician CPA/Consultant, what can I do for you and your medical practice? First, I act as a resource to you and your practice. My job is to advise you and your team on any area/issue related to daily practice management. Working in unison, there should be no practice problem that can’t be addressed and resolved. I am also that set of eyes from the outside looking in to the practice. This kind of oversight is vital in today’s ever changing marketplace. Finally, working together, we will strategize and implement ideas that will increase your bottom line. Remember there is only one financial benchmark that should matter to you – did I make more money this year than last year?

To assist you and your physician practice, I provide the following services: