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Litigation Support for Physicians

Physicians and related healthcare entities may encounter disputes, and in such instances, I am often called upon to provide support in matters related to economic and accounting issues. Court cases frequently involve intricate financial matters that can have adverse effects on healthcare entities, including physicians and their practices. My role involves assisting them in preparing for legal proceedings, which may entail extensive hours devoted to compiling and analyzing accounting, financial, statistical, and economic information.

Physician Litigation Support from Reed Tinsley

In offering physician litigation support, my consultative services focus on various critical aspects without extending to expert witness testimony. These include defining litigation issues, aiding in fact-finding and documentation, responding to discovery requests, delivering preliminary case evaluations, and preparing expert reports. I also play a role in critiquing third-party appraisal reports, drafting interrogatories, and advising legal counsel on finance and valuation matters. Additionally, I provide support in evaluating settlement proposals and contribute during mediation processes. While I no longer step into the role of an expert witness, my comprehensive litigation support services aim to assist legal counsel in navigating the intricacies of physician-related legal matters.

Physician Litigation Services

Defining litigation issues: I analyze and clarify the specific legal concerns and challenges surrounding a physician’s case, establishing a foundation for focused litigation support.

Fact-finding and documentation (assisting with): I assist in gathering relevant information and documents, ensuring a comprehensive and well-documented approach to support the litigation process.

Response to discovery: I manage and coordinate responses to discovery requests, facilitating the exchange of crucial information between parties involved in the litigation.

Rendering a preliminary evaluation of the case: I provide an initial assessment of the case, outlining key strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas of focus to guide legal strategy.

Review and critique expert reports: I review and critique expert reports, both defendant and plaintiff. I delve into intricate financial, accounting, and economic aspects relevant to the case, offering valuable insights for legal proceedings.

Critiquing third-party appraisal reports: I scrutinize and assess appraisal reports from external sources, providing critical feedback to ensure accuracy and reliability in financial assessments.

Preparing interrogatories for parties to the litigation: I formulate pointed and relevant questions to be posed to involved parties, aiding in the extraction of pertinent information during the litigation process.

Advising legal counsel on matters of finance and valuation: I offer guidance on financial and valuation intricacies, assisting legal teams in understanding and navigating complex financial aspects inherent to physician litigation.

Assisting legal counsel in evaluating settlement proposals: I contribute expertise in assessing and evaluating proposed settlements, offering insights into the financial implications and potential outcomes for the physician involved.

Assisting legal counsel during mediation: I provide support during mediation proceedings, offering guidance on financial matters to facilitate constructive discussions and negotiations.

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