Physician Financial Management Services

Financial Management for Physicians

As a Physician CPA and a Certified Financial Planner, I understand the unique financial needs of physicians. Whether you’re still finishing your residency or you’re a partner in a fast-growing medical practice, you need flexible financing options to help you manage your personal and professional expenses. Physicians typically need financing for the following:

  • Practice Sales and Purchases
  • Starting a Medical Practice
  • Commercial Real Estate Programs
  • Practice Working Capital Funding
  • New Equipment Purchase
  • Technology Acquisition
  • Home Mortgage
  • Medical Office Financing
  • Leasehold Improvement Financing
  • Medical Malpractice Premium Financing
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Accounts Receivable Protection Lending
  • Specialty Financing for Healthcare Entities (Such as Outpatient Ambulatory Surgical Centers)


Loan Features for Physicians

There are a wide range of loans and lines of credit available to physicians. Typical loan features should include the following:

  • Fixed or Variable-Rate Pricing
  • Generous Repayment Terms
  • Interest-only Payment Options
  • No Application or Origination Fees, No Prepayment Penalties, No Credit Life Insurance Requirements and No Hidden Charges
  • Unsecured Physician Loans Designed to Meet the Special Credit Needs of Doctors Still In Training (In a Residency or a Fellowship Program) and Those Just Starting to Practice


Additional Financing Services

My medical practice financing services to physicians and their medical practices include the following:

  • Recommend a Healthcare Lender Who Understands Physician Practice and the Healthcare Industry
  • Preparation of Forecasts And Projections
  • Review of Loan Proposals
  • Negotiation With the Lender
  • Loan Restructuring
  • Review Additional Services Provided by Lender, Including Cash Management, Credit Card Account Management, Account Management, and Mobile Services
  • Interface with Lender During Loan Service Period
Questions about Physician Financial Management Services?

If you have any questions about the scope of my work with financial management for physicians, please feel free to reach out to me. Call me anytime at 281-379-5988, submit a form online, or email me directly at

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