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As a healthcare accountant and business advisor, I have earned a reputation as a leader in the physician practice and healthcare accounting industries.

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As a leading advisor to physicians nationally and in Texas, my hands-on expertise in medical accounting, tax support, practice counsel, and revenue-building strategies help amplify profitability.

Reed Tinsley, CPA

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Based in Houston, TX, I am a sought-after author and speaker with over 30 years of expert, hands-on healthcare consulting experience. I have authored dozens of healthcare finance articles and books, and I have been recognized as a featured speaker for prominent national healthcare groups and associations. I am dedicated to addressing the unique needs of each client, taking immense pride in my personalized approach, prompt responsiveness, and tangible results.

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First of all, let me say that I thought your lecture at the conference was one of the best that I attended. The information presented, the topics and “hands on” was applicable for any and all medical practices. Thank you! I liked your style and confidence

Jessica, Bristol, TN

Thanks again for a most informative and helpful program – really good information – I learned a lot, and appreciate your taking us through the thought process behind all that work – that seems to be mostly what never gets talked about.”


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