How to Audit a Mission Statement

Some medical practices have taken the time and trouble to prepare its own mission statement. Most are displayed proudly in the patient reception area and around the office.

However, do most medical practices adhere to the principles and ideals that are advertised on the mission statement? There is an easy way to find out...

Every mission statement can be turned in to a questionnaire and given to all practice employees, physicians, and other providers to complete. Take every principle and ideal mentioned in the mission statement and turn them in to questions. For example, some mission statements say "Employees are our number one commitment." If true, draft a question like "Does our practice make a 100% commitment to our employees?"

Once the questionnaire is completed, hand it out and have the employees, physicians, etc. complete it and return it to management. It will be interesting to see if indeed the practice is really following its own mission statement (or is it just a bunch of dribble?).

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