New Medicare provider-enrollment guidance issued

From the Medical Group Management Association (

In response to the new Medicare provider enrollment regulation and forms (CMS 855), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued new guidance to contractors on provider enrollment.

The new guidance, located in the Medicare Program Integrity Manual (Pub. 100-08), Chap. 10, provides instructions to carriers on how to process the CMS 855 forms. The guidance contains some helpful information for providers and entities completing the CMS 855 forms. For instance, a group practice can avoid one reason for the return of a CMS 855I. For practices enrolled prior to 1996, administrators can avoid delay by submitting a CMS 855B. The practice may also need to submit new CMS 855Is and CMS 855Rs on behalf of any of its providers who enrolled in the Medicare program prior to 1996.

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