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The business of medicine is more competitive than ever, yet marketing in medical practices is the exception, not the rule. Few other businesses would consider operating without marketing. We are not talking about aggressive salesmanship, or advertising that pushes the bounds of ethics and propriety. To the contrary, professional marketing has its own disciplined logical process to understand customer needs and meet them with service and quality that delivers real value to the customer. Marketing also encompasses the art of communicating that value to the customer—whether through direct, personal communication or the mass communication of advertising and publicity.

Physicians who include marketing in their practice will not only survive, but prosper.

Ask yourselves:

  • Why should someone choose us for medical care?
  • Is our practice revenue flat or declining, when it should be growing?
  • Are we losing patients to aggressive competitors?
  • Are we are adding a new physician, or moving to a new, larger office, and wanting to grow our patient and referral bases accordingly?

Marketing Success for the Medical Practice will help you to develop and execute a winning marketing plan, to skirt the dangerous traps unique to medical practice marketing, and to communicate effectively with all your “customers,” starting with patients. Most importantly, it will enable you to find expert marketing advice and assistance that is effective, professional, and affordable.

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