2007 Medical Group Compensation & Financial Survey Now Available

The MGMA surveys are very popular among practice administrators, physicians, CPAs, and consultants but don’t forget the AMGA compensation and financial survey:

Here is a summary of the publication direct from the AMGA website:

This indispensable volume gives the latest data on compensation for healthcare professionals and on medical group financial operations. The compensation and productivity portion focuses on the individual compensation and production of experienced physicians, starting salaries of new residents and experienced new hires, as well as non-physician administrative salaries. Now in its 20th year, the compensation survey results will assist you in evaluating the competitiveness of compensation levels for your group¹s physician and key administrative staff and provide you with invaluable insight into the relationship between physician compensation and productivity. It will also compare your group with various national averages. All survey results are segmented by medical specialty or administrative position, as appropriate, and provide you with specific breakdowns by size of group and geographic region. The financial operations portion of the data provides critical benchmark data on support staff salaries and benefits, staffing profiles, and other key management costs. The data is presented on a per physician basis as well as on a per square footage basis. The summary information pages include financial profiles based on varied managed care revenue percentages and are further broken down by group type, geographic region, and group size. This survey also presents detailed financial profiles by specialty on a per physician and per square footage basis, as well as a staffing profile by specialty. (Survey Methodology).

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