Does your practice have a personal appearance policy in place?

Over the years, I’ve seen about it all when it comes to employee appearance in a physician’s office – body piercings, tattoos, too much cleavage, etc. etc. etc. So in case you don’t have a personal appearance policy in place, here is an example of one below:

Personal Appearance

You should pride yourself in presenting a good personal appearance. Patients and their families are extremely sensitive to the appearance of our employees and they judge us by the employees that they see every day. For this reason, all employees are expected to maintain high standards of personal appearance and hygiene regardless of where they work. As a health protection measure, our practice places a strong emphasis on the need for personal cleanliness. The following guidelines for personal appearance apply to all practice employees:

  1. Clinical and non-clinical employees should wear clothing of an appropriate medical nature. This can include “scrubs”, business-professional clothing, lab coats, etc.
  2. Use good taste in the clothes you wear, avoiding extreme styles. Jeans, or jean-style pants, T-shirts, shorts, halters, low cut tops, shirts that show the midriff, see through apparel, short skirts above the knee, or clothing in poor condition are not allowed (jeans may be allowed on Friday’s).
  3. Cosmetics and cologne – You should use cosmetics, make-up and cologne only moderately, and keep finger nails neat and trimmed.
  4. Hairstyles- Hairstyles should be conservative and in good taste. Keep it clean and neatly styled. Beards or mustaches should always be well groomed. No hat, cap, or head covering of any type should be worn on duty unless required by your position.
  5. Jewelry – Wearing of jewelry should be kept to a minimum while on duty. Facial piercings, with the exception of ear piercing, are prohibited. Political buttons or pins are not appropriate and are prohibited.
  6. Tattoos – Tattoos must be covered by clothing, bandages, concealing makeup, etc. while at work.

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