Does your waiting area give patients a good first impression?


As a healthcare CPA/consultant, I have the opportunity on a weekly basis to walk in to many medical office reception/waiting areas. Sometimes I’m really impressed by this area of the office but most often I’m disappointed. Why?

When a patient or even a potential new employee walks in your front door, what is their FIRST IMPRESSION? I hope they immediately think (or even say), "Wow, what a beautiful office."

Your office design and decor matter - A LOT. Even a small investment in updating for visual effect and efficiency can make a huge difference. Do you really think a patient is going to actively refer friends, family and colleagues to your office if they have a bad impression of it? Why leave it to chance?

Remember, just as Baby Boomers are being phased out, so should the traditional physician office. I have seen some very impressive, upscale, professional, successful-looking medical office space. However, much of it has the look of an older generation.

Consider spending some money this summer or fall on updating your office space. Good design can be as simple as switching from the traditional to the modern, making the waiting area brighter, adding wireless internet, flat screen TVs, and updating the traditional artwork to contemporary, colorful pictures and wall sculptures.

Have questions? I’m here to help.