How to gain access to your NPI file after changing jobs


Your National Provider Identifier (NPI) is sup­posed to stay with you after you change jobs, even if you move to another state. But suppose your previous employer handled your NPI application. How do you get access to your NPI file on the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES)?


First, you can use the public NPI registry Web site ( NPPES/NPI to find your provider details page. You can then search either for individual or group providers’ detail pages by provider name, address, or NPI number.


The information on the provider detail page can be used in lieu of your original NPI verification document to get the password needed to regain access to your NPI file. You can then provide NPPES the information from the registry, along with your NPI number, to get new login credentials to access your NPI file.


Remember: You are required to update your NPI file with any changes, such as a new job, within 30 days of the change, Medicare has the right to revoke your billing privileges if you don’t.

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