Tips to Maintain Security After a Termination
Medical Practice Management
Sep 10

Tips to Maintain Security After a Termination

Security After Termination

Termination procedures are a fundamental part of an information security program, no matter how small the organization. Inadequate policies have resulted in publicized breachs in healthcare.

You should at least have a small checklist that a supervisor or physician follows when an individual leaves. The checklist should address the following points:

  • Revoke the individual’s computer access (including all user IDs and passwords)
  • Obtain keys/card-keys
  • Obtain badge
  • Obtain any software or work documents (including those at home) belonging to the organization, if any, and a signed statement declaring that all materials have been returned
  • Obtain any equipment (computer equipment, pagers, PDAs, cell phones, etc.) that belong to the organization
  • Change shared passwords
  • Change combination locks when combination is known to the individual

Be sure to mark a checklist or to record the information in some form. Include the date and the name of the person completing the checklist and file this documentation.

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