Interviewing is not an easy task

"The closest we ever come to perfection is when we write our resumes"

I heard this saying yesterday and it reminded my again why all physician practices should be diligent regarding the interview process and checking up on new hire references. I'm a big fan of situational interviewing - asking the applicant specific questions/scenarios related to their applied-for job duty and see if they know what they are talking about. You can tell pretty quick if someone is a good applicant or not.  For example, I asked a billing candidate to explain to me what CPT and ICD codes are and she had no clue even though she showed billing experience on her resume - good grief!

So always remember the saying above as you are interviewing employee candidates and think - have you ever seen a really bad resume? They are out there as you know and it is your job to weed out the bad ones and find the good ones. A difficult task at best.

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