Define your practice’s mission

It can be difficult to lead your practice without first clarifying for everyone the vision of where you (jointly) want to end up. Without a clear mission statement, practices make goals without following through, and patient care and staff focus suffer.

Avoid this by answering the four following questions before expecting others to commit to the organization:

  1. What's this practice all about? Your people need to know what you believe in and what's really important to the practice. They also want to know what actions will get them rewarded or reprimanded.
  2. Where are we going and why? If you can't explain where the practice is headed in clear and simple terms, don't expect others to understand or buy in.
  3. How do we plan to get there? If your goal is to provide a patient-centered practice, then explain exactly how you plan to get there.
  4. How do I fit in? High expectations breed high performance. The staff member who believes his or her role isn't that important allows a disgruntled patient to go out the door, or forgets to call back an anxious patient.

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