Electronic Prescribing (E-Prescribing) Incentive Program Update

CMS has announced that the specifications for the e-prescribing measure, which will be used to determine whether an eligible professional is a successful e-prescriber and may qualify for a 2 percent incentive payment for the 2009 reporting period, has been posted to the CMS Web site. The measure specifications may be found in the "Downloads" section of the E-Prescribing Incentive Program Web page on the CMS Web site at http://www.cms.hhs.gov/PQRI/03_EPrescribingIncentiveProgram.asp#TopOfPage.

An eligible professional does not have to enroll to participate in the E-Prescribing Incentive Program. Furthermore, an eligible professional does not need to participate in PQRI in order to participate in this incentive program.

Beginning January 1, 2009, eligible professionals may participate in the E-Prescribing Incentive Program by submitting information required by the e-prescribing measure on their Medicare Part B claims.

Detailed information on the implementation of the E-Prescribing Incentive Program for 2009 may be found in the final 2009 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule rule with comment period that was published in the Federal Register November 19, 2008. A copy of the final rule with comment period is on display at the Federal Register and can be viewed at http://www.cms.hhs.gov/center/physician.asp on the CMS Web site.

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