I don’t know what’s going on!!!!

The single most common complaint I hear from MDs these days is "I don't know what is going on." Physicians are obviously busy and most want to just practice medicine and not mess with the day to day of practice operations. So it falls upon the practice administrator to keep the physicians informed about exactly “what is going on.” Here are some ideas to help you maintain a level of constant:

§  Memo From Administrator (use florescent colored paper vs. white)

§  IntraNet postings

§  Open Board meetings (all MDs (and allied health professionals (NPs, PA's, RD's, OT's, PT's, VT's, CRNAs, etc.) invited) – if there is an agenda item that is confidential, the Board/Executive Committee excuses all non-members and goes into executive session…….but this is rare

§  Another key is having each Board member serve as liaison to a number of physicians/AHPs…………so they know they have a "contact" to the Board; and the Board member has the responsibility/accountability to communicate with them

§  Open Door Policy – anyone can access the administrator’s office – no "moats", "guards", or "drawbridges" to cross/encounter

§  IOU Forms (I O U an Answer to ________________)

§  MBWA       (management by walking around) – seek them out

§  Periodic Surveying   (I'd like to know more about ______________)

§  Quarterly table talk between Executive, Medical Director, and New MDs during the first year)

§  Hot Topic – flash memo/email

Adopting an "openness" philosophy within the medical group or your own solo practitioner office is central to everyone being informed.   Avoid a "closed door" culture at all costs.

Have questions? I’m here to help.