A Must-Have for Physicians and Administrators in Management – Patience

The hardest thing to do with emotional issues is having the patience to see the logic in the situation.

There couldn’t be a more true phrase on this entire planet.

Patience is something that is learned: you’re not born with it, but you are taught it: by parents, teachers, siblings and all those that you come in contact with during your daily life. It certainly isn’t easy to learn patience, and there are some on the planet that will never master it. But in order to be productive and have your wits about you, patience is a necessity.

So what do you do to retain your head in times of great stress and pressure? I know one trick that works for me, and you might have success with it too.


Go somewhere else, even for just a few moments. Grab a cup of coffee, or go outside and enjoy some fresh air. Allow your head to wrap around the situation: the key is NOT to do it while you are in the thick of the situation. Your head needs room to breathe, just as the body and soul do. Allow it that space, and you will be amazed at the results!

What do you do that allows you to have patience? Think about it because it is truly one of the keys on management success in a physician office.

Have questions? I’m here to help.