Build an effective billing team from the start

Putting together an effective billing team begins with the hiring process. Individuals who have the five following personal characteristics-above and beyond the usual hiring criteria-are likely to be successful at billing and collection:

  1. Has a positive attitude. You want someone who thinks, "I can do this," whatever the task.
  2. Is a self-starter. A person who sets priorities and then gets right to them performs especially well in collection follow-up.
  3. Recognizes the importance of his or her job function. A good business staffer avoids a "that's-not-my-job" attitude, doing instead whatever the job requires.
  4. Believes in your practice. An applicant who has faith in the mission and quality of your practice is more likely to be a loyal, enthusiastic worker.
  5. Has "street sense." It helps to have someone who knows your community inside and out.

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