How to Maximize Patient Health and Generate Revenue

Because you receive payments, schedule follow-up visits, and thank patients as they leave the office, you are in the best position to suggest additional helpful services to patients. With your office manager’s guidance, you can develop a list of common services that improve patient health and generate additional revenue for the practice.

These add-ons might include preventive procedures like Pap smears or prostate exams, appearance enhancements like skin treatments, or annual physicals. Here are three tips on how to smoothly "plus sell" these helpful procedures:

#1: Make Rational Connections: If a patient has just received a flu shot, offer to schedule an annual physical to prevent other possible maladies from occurring. Say something like, "Thank you for letting us protect you from the flu. Our annual physicals can help prevent other problems as well. If you’d like, I can schedule one for you now."

#2: Make Risk-Group Connections: If a female patient is over 40, you can remind her that it’s time for a breast exam. If a male patient is over 40, you can remind him that it’s time for a prostate screening. Say something like, "Thank you for visiting today. Doctors recommend prostate screenings after the age of 40. If you haven’t had one recently, I can schedule that for you at a time of your convenience."

#3: Make Product Connections: If your office sells pharmaceutical or medical supplies, plus selling is even easier. If the patient purchases one product, you can suggest another that goes along with it. "Here’s your nasal decongestant, Mr. Jones. Do you need any Kleenex today?" "Here’s your pain medication for that sprain, Mrs. Smith. Do you need an extra Ace bandage?"

Work with your office manager to develop a list of procedures and products that are suitable for plus selling. Remember, your first goal is to make suggestions that promote patient health. If patients act on your suggestions, they benefit and the office generates more revenue -- making plus selling a win for everyone.

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