Make your help-wanted ads stand out

When it comes to filling open positions with capable staff, writing attractive and competitive classifieds ads remains a must. Here are some things to keep in mind when composing your next help-wanted ad:

  1. Grab potential candidates' attention with a catchy headline announcing the type of position available, and what makes it stand out. "Needed: warm and caring medical receptionist for the office that cares"
  2. List the major job duties the position includes, along with the minimal skills you expect. Offer one or two concrete examples, using personal pronouns to help the candidate visualize the position: "As our receptionist, you will make our office's first impression on patients."
  3. Describe other benefits, like a convenient office location, bonus incentive programs, and opportunities for advancement.

Conclude with a call to action: Tell applicants what step to take next. And always make sure you include your practice's name in the ad.

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