A positive attitude improves productivity

You don't have to re-invent the wheel when it comes to practice development. Rather, make it a goal to imitate identified management patterns in top-producing practices, like those tracked by MGMA. Here are five key personal traits common among most high-performing physicians:

  1. Actively seek advice. Physicians in best-of-class practices show a willingness to entertain new ideas and concepts.
  2. Be bold. With this same mindset, top performers unhesitatingly try new approaches. Even if changes don't work out as expected, the most productive groups avoid blaming the planner. Rather, they learn from their mistakes and move on.
  3. Know what you do best. While open to new ideas, high-producing physicians don't follow every new fad. Instead, they constantly reassess themselves and their strengths.
  4. Learn how to work smarter. While not afraid of hard work, high earners actively pursue new ways to maximize efficiency and productivity.
  5. Understand-and exploit-all the ways you can generate revenue. See if daily practice patterns and interactions really demonstrate open thinking and a willingness to embrace progress. As long as your group culture continues to reflect core values, be willing to change anything else to reach your vision.

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