Medical Practice Management
May 28

Dealing with Insurance Reps

A recently posed question by a client:

In my medical office, I am sometimes asked to call insurance company representatives to inquire about payments or for updates to patient info. Most reps are polite and helpful when I call, but I am having problems with reps at one particular insurance company. No matter whom I speak to, they always seem to be pushy, cold and short with me. I don’t like it, but I don’t want to hurt our office’s relationship with the carrier. What I can do about it?

If your job requires you to talk to insurance company representatives, you may run into an unpleasant rep from time to time. When this happens, keep your cool – you will stand a better chance of getting what you want if you mind your manners. Yelling and a bad attitude will do little to help your case when dealing with insurance companies.

Make every attempt to resolve all issues in a friendly yet professional manner. Unfair as it may seem, insurance reps are likely to disregard your call and your requests if you are nasty and negative on the phone. Payers have been known to drag their feet in response to a feisty payee. And this only makes your job harder both now and in the future, not to mention slowing payments. So, next time you feel like screaming, think long-term, then grit your teeth and be pleasant. Get your point across – just do it tactfully.

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