Medical Practice Management
Jun 19

Ad Frequency: The Key To A Healthy Return On Investment

Achieving the right balance between where and how often to advertise can pay big dividends for practice growth.

Frequency, or the number of times you run an ad, in print radio, or television or any other medium can be used to control expenses while getting patients to respond favorably to your practice.

For example:

  • In print advertising smaller ads run with more frequency will give you more exposure for dollars spent, and generate higher reader recognition than larger ads run with less frequency for the same cost.
  • If you are new at promoting practice growth through marketing then frequency adds another feature to your campaign. It establishes a “market presence” that helps patients remember your ads rather than the competition. This also gives you a better rate of return on marketing dollars spent.
  • When using radio to promote your practice, frequency plays an even greater role than it does in print. In radio you only have about 54 seconds sandwiched between an introduction and an exit line to get your listener’s attention. In this short span of time your ads must work hard to tell your story, impress your listeners, and instruct them on how to contact your office. ( This makes frequency all the more necessary.
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