Pay your front desk people well

I know it varies state by state but a good wage for a real good front desk person should range from $14-$18/hr.  For that wage, you should be very particular about whom you hire and you should make sure they have the talent and ability to be a “jacks of all trades” in that they put out the work and do multiple other tasks as well. 


Remember, almost everything filters through that front's the cockpit.  It's a very hard place to be, they catch the grief from the patients when doctors are running behind schedule but then the patient says "oh no problem" to the doctor (of course, I'm CERTAIN that doesn't happen with your practice). They are collectors, family counselors, greeters, jugglers, and they are paid extra to SMILE.  My thoughts are that no matter how nice / great the physicians are, if you have a weak front desk staff, patients will never know how great your practice & physicians are since everything starts there.  Pay more, expect more, receive more or show them the door.        


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