Medical Practice Management
Aug 07

Run staff meetings effectively

Scheduling meetings with your staff and the physicians, and getting everyone to show up, can be very difficult. It gets even harder if the meetings develop a reputation for being long-winded gatherings that accomplish very little. To keep the time from being wasted, and to encourage participation, keep in mind the following tips:

  1. Prepare. Being planning each meeting with a clear idea of the meeting's purpose. When a group simply sits down at the table with only a vague sense of need to "talk about some things," the meeting doesn't usually produce tangible results.
  2. Set your agenda. As you prepare the meeting agenda, start by listing any items that come to mind. Then look at each to determine how (and if) it relates to the meeting's overall purpose.
  3. Anticipate. Think about the various participants beforehand and try to predict how each might respond to the agenda's issues. Anticipating their arguments or positions can help you determine what data or supporting information to bring with you.
  4. Schedule. Budget meeting time for each item on the agenda. Doing so helps ensure that no critical items gets short shrift in the actual meeting.
  5. Maintain control. Work hard to begin meetings on time. If conversations begin to digress, step in and press for closure on the item being discussed.
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