Aug 14

Get Up and Think

This is a little off the cuff but did you know that instead of sitting at your desk trying to solve a complicated problem you might actually be better off getting out of your chair and moving around.  In this study, researchers found that, "a person's ability to solve a problem can be influenced by how he or she moves."  In other words, our minds and bodies can work together to help us solve problems:


The new findings offer new insight into what researchers call "embodied cognition," which describes the link between body and mind, Lleras said. "People tend to think that their mind lives in their brain, dealing in conceptual abstractions, very much disconnected from the body," he said.


"This emerging research is fascinating because it is demonstrating how your body is a part of your mind in a powerful way. The way you think is affected by your body and, in fact, we can use our bodies to help us think."


Next time you've got a problem to solve, get up off your butt, move around a bit, and you might find that your body helps your brain find the answer.

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