Oct 02

New Lean Six Sigma Book Takes Medical Practices 20 Years Ahead in Profitability

To help medical practices increase profitability without cutting costs or boosting revenues, Greenbranch Publishing announces a new book by two of my good friends, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Frank Cohen and Practice Management Expert Owen Dahl. The book, Lean Six Sigma for the Medical Practice – Improving Profitability by Improving Processes is priced at $89 plus $9.95 S&H. It can be purchased at:




For the first time, this new book translates Lean Six Sigma principles and tools specifically for the real-world medical practice environment. Drawing on his involvement with thousands of medical practices, author and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Frank Cohen empowers practices – and their advisors – to use 20 process improvement tools to boost efficiency so more of the revenues that come in go directly to the bottom line.


What types of improvements can practices make? For starters, says Frank Cohen, "They can use analytics to identify inconsistent behavior by payers – that means practices can hold payers' feet to the fire. Plus, process improvement can help practices reduce denials by upwards of 50%." In addition to optimizing reimbursement, the Lean Six Sigma approach that Cohen maps out in this book can be used to improve everything from patient visit cycle time to , A/R to staff and patient satisfaction and morale to compliance.


Health care providers have focused intently on improving quality of care. The recession and reimbursement issues demand that health providers and their advisors focus that same attention on the business side of the practice. This exciting book gives them the process improvement tools to do it successfully. Over the past 20 years, Lean and Six Sigma approaches have created profit breakthroughs for other types of businesses. Cohen and Dahl have brought this methodology to health care providers, whittling down the myriad of traditional Lean Six Sigma tools to only those that matter most to their practices.


The following is a selected Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: What's In It for Me? Lean Six Sigma benefits for healthcare providers, administrators, frontline staff, attorneys, consultants and payers.


Chapter 2: Why Process improvement? Understanding why process improvement will become the key driver for efficiency and profitability.


Chapter 3: Team Building How process improvement (PI) teams differ from other teams since they require step by step project management including an end date- and how to create and use them.


Chapter 4: Project Management How to streamline, eliminate bottlenecks, and use data and metrics for making PI decisions.


Chapter 5: TPI Toolbox A compilation of the most applicable Lean Six Sigma tools tailored specifically for medical practices.


Chapter 6: Deployment Platforms Understanding and differentiating between the different deployment platforms, including PDSA, A3, DMAIC, FOCUS and others.


Chapter 7: What's Next? A look into the possible future of healthcare and why process improvement transcends any possible health reform model.


This is a book every practice administrator and physician manager should read in addition to any consultant or CPA working with physician clients:



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