Medical Practice Management
Oct 29

Registration evaluation

Does the staff make it a priority to accurately gather and enter the necessary registration information for each patient? ___Yes ___No


Do they know what information is necessary to prevent claim delays or rejections? ___Yes ___No


Do they clearly understand the importance of recording information accurately? ___Yes ___No


Is there a clear understanding of what information is essential? ___Yes ___No


Is staff aware of what information is needed to do appropriate follow-up? ____Yes ___No


Does the staff discuss and obtain preauthorizations and referral information from patients? ___Yes ___No


Is there a clear understanding of when and how to obtain preauthorizations and referrals? ___Yes ___No


Does the staff understand and effectively communicate the financial expectations to patients? ___Yes ___No


Are copays collected at registration? ___Yes ___No


Does the staff discuss the payment options that are available to patients (credit cards, debit cards, cash, checks)? ___Yes ___No


Does the staff try to identify credit risks? ___Yes ___No


Does the staff recognize their potential to reduce patient statements? ___Yes ___No


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