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Nov 04

Advantages to hospital employment?

Here are a few of the most common advantages I hear out there for a physician’s employment by a hospital:


§  A stable financial circumstance, including, but not limited to guaranteed or fixed competitive base compensation and benefits;

§  Access to continuing and reliable malpractice coverage and, in many cases, tail insurance;

§  A practice environment free from the day-to-day burden and administrative tasks of operating and managing an independent practice; and

§  More regular work hours and shared call responsibility.


Oh really? What about THE major disadvantage – the hospital controls your compensation now and in to the future. I just hope hospitals have learned from their mistakes in the past but from what I see so far, that is doubtful. Are physicians really better off employed by a hospital rather than go at it as an independent practice? It’s going to be interested to see how all of this is going to shake out.

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