Medical Practice Management
Nov 25

Best front desk sign I’ve ever seen so far

I was in a primary care physician’s office recently (not a client) where this sign was on the receptionist window:


“We regret, but in order to see you, your insurance company requires us to collect your co-payment at the time of service.”  


My reaction? Brilliant! Outstanding! This office follows this sign up with a strong front desk policy that requires patients to reschedule if they do not have their co-payments. I found out their co-payment collection ratio for managed care patients was near 100%. For those patients coming to this office who are in acute crisis and must be seen, they are triaged for acuity and the self addressed stamped envelope for the copayment is sent home with the patient. Yes it is tough times for many people but I continue to stress that in any “service industry”, and yes, healthcare is a service industry, goods and services are not delivered without payment received. It’s that black and white.

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