Product watch – EchoApps


EchoApps is an Internet-based system that facilitates, optimizes and simplifies the time-consuming credentialing application process without the burden of learning new technologies or installing software. Maintaining confidentiality with state-of-the-art security and access control, EchoApps effectively streamlines the credentialing process. By utilizing their program, subscribers can significantly reduce the time and expense that is spent filling out provider applications.

EchoApps was developed to reduce administrative overhead without having to learn new software tools and technology.  Industry averages indicate that individual physicians send out over 10 applications per year.  For an office of 10 providers, this equates to over 100 applications per year.  EchoApps centralizes application data and pre-populates any application that needs to be sent, eliminating additional paperwork.  Necessary attachments, such as DEA certificate or W-9 form, can be stored in EchoApps to be sent with the applications.  This not only saves time, but it also creates a more organized paperless work environment.

EchoApps includes detailed application rules and requirements built into the master file assessment process, ensuring that the necessary information is included to populate any application.   This reduces additional requests and follow-ups that are usually required.

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