An Online Way to Order Medical Supplies is an online source of medical, surgical and pharmaceutical supplies to office-based healthcare providers. Its Website is located at is a convenient resource that helps practice administrators and physicians in the out-of-hospital market save time and money in the acquisition of medical supplies. 

Recognizing that the needs of multi-tasking physician practice managers differ from those of dedicated purchasing agents in large healthcare institutions, bucked the "marketplace" website trend and developed a single-source "clicks and mortar" business model under which controls pricing, customer service, and product display and selection. This business model allows to maximize customer service while providing competitive pricing. 

"Studies reveal time and time again that the online shopping experience is about ease of use and incredible customer service," said Michael Nelson, vice president of corporate strategy and co-founder. "We have listened to our market and based our service on the ability to provide a quality experience for every customer — from the first keyboard stroke to complete product support following a purchase." customers will find prices, photographs and descriptions of products displayed with one or two clicks of a mouse. Should the customer be unfamiliar with a product or have any question, they will have the ability to email or call toll free at (877) 44-ESURG to speak with knowledgeable customer service representatives. Frequently ordered supplies can be placed on a customized template, making reorders a breeze. Customers will be able track supply costs by product, by manufacturer, by time and soon, by procedure. Customers will also receive one invoice, rather than multiple invoices, making reconciliation of purchases manageable. 

In addition to the efficiencies of ordering online, can also provide specialty-specific news and resources germane to their practices. This will include accreditation and regulatory information on a state-by-state basis.

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