It’s That Time of Year Again – Part 2


More 2011 resolutions:

I RESOLVE to take a CPT coding class   Most of your revenues are coming from fixed fee payers (Medicare, managed care, etc.). Your services are paid based on specific reimbursement rates for each service by each payer. In this environment, proper CPT coding can either lead to increased revenue or lost revenue. Take a coding class to make sure you are billing out all services that you are entitled to bill out and to make sure you are properly billing out your services.

 I RESOLVE to adopt a healthier personal lifestyle   I’m sure this one is already on your list but I wanted to emphasize it for you again. A healthier lifestyle can only lead to greater productivity not only in the office, but in your personal life as well. We all know what to do to get healthier, unfortunately implementation is oftentimes difficult to achieve. Make it a goal to identify all of those things that get in the way of accomplishing this goal and eliminate them from your life. Why set yourself up to take a premature “dirt nap” anyway???

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