The Modern Physician Practice Administrator in a Dynamic Healthcare Environment

There was a recent post on the LinkedIn Healthcare Executive Network discussion group entitled “The Modern Practice Administrator in a Dynamic Healthcare Environment.” The originator of the post asked “What new skillsets are you all discovering that we all need to keep up with healthcare changes?, what drives you professionally?” Well Jonathan Cohen replied with an absolutely fabulous post that I just have to show you; it will make you think.

I may change the word Dynamic to "Turbulent". Our healthcare system is off balance yet changing faster than we can adapt. Every healthcare provider from the individual practitioner to the major hospitals are working with only half of the healthcare puzzle while making "best guesses" at potential scenarios. The primary risk is making important policy decisions from a "fight or flight" mode. This process would be similar to working a business from a cash poor position, shading all business decisions and potential outcomes.

How to remain on the cutting edge is simple. It is important to impose the trend rather than react to it.

To survive it is often about bottom line, but new generations of consumers have an even higher expectation on quality of care and being a part of the decision process. I listened to a speaker once that talked about the consumer wanting it "ALL"; the access to the greatest number and the best services. On the other hand, we have insurance companies, federal government and consumers wanting to pay less for the "ALL" package.

Trend is simple, taking into account both sides of the coin by improve efficiency and eliminating waste. This is accomplished by the following: Focusing effort on proven modes of intervention that have solid quantitative numbers to prove its efficacy and outcome.

Utilize standard and efficient processes throughout a system.

Eliminate waste by converting to an EMR methodology of documentation and communication.

Fully utilize technology that has already been purchased and implemented.

Improve communication both to internal and external customer through secure modes of technology.

Fulfill a needed niche, not a perceived niche.

I hope this helps and gives you some food for thought. I do not know why I took the time and elaborated so much, definitely can go into much more detail, but your question seemed to be important for our current times. I wish you well in your talk. I hope people listen. [emphasis added]

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