Where to find medical practice billers (or any employee for that matter)

Smart organizations know that hiring the wrong employee is costly – so costly, in fact, that it is well worth the extra effort to hire the right employee the first time around – every time. Productivity, morale and, even, the organization’s revenue are at stake in the hiring process. Here are important steps – both in hiring and keeping – the best medical biller. So where can you find a good biller (or any employee for that matter)?

Remember that staff can help recruit, so ask them for suggestions. A current staff member may have a friend who would fit in well with your operation. More employers are offering small incentives – for example, a $200 gas card – to employees who suggest a job candidate who turns into a hire. Managers and employees alike can network with colleagues at local medical billers’ associations. Many of these groups can also circulate the job posting. Turn to local training programs and community colleges when posting a position, as well as using advertisements in the local newspaper. Local community colleges and technical schools that train billing and office staff may be able to place interns. Internships can give you a view of how a potential candidate would fit with your team well before you ever need a replacement.

Online job listings like monster.com and careerbuilder.com can be expensive, but they will get the word out to a lot of people. Post the opening on your organization’s website and don’t forget about social networking. If your organization uses Facebook or Twitter, use them to spread the word about an opening. Staff might mention the opening to their online “friends” and “followers”, too.

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