Dear Administrator – Physician Practices Need You Now More Than Ever

Anybody who works in or deals with physician medical practices knnow about the day to day struggles of how to keep everyone happy in a very uncertain era.  I find many practice administrators are frustrated and "burned" out more now than ever before.  It's hard to keep the spirit alive when dealing with the demands of a changing healthcare environment, the physicians are constantly worried about the bottom line, the workforce is only worried about themselves, etc.  Through it all however, you as the admininstrator needs to be one with the passion and commitment to continue to be proactive.  You have to have a main coordinator, someone who thinks outside the box  and tbe that someone who is always looking at every aspect of the practice to safeguard the future and also considers the welfare of the "practice" and not just the individual physician.

Dear Administrator: Your practice needs you now more than ever.

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