Accomplishing success in your healthcare organization

Successful healthcare practices (whether standalone or clinics) share three characteristics that are true not only in healthcare but also any business or industry.  For years, the belief that healthcare was somehow different than most businesses kept the industry from making the same kinds of advancements and strides with technology that all companies now embrace.  While most of healthcare is still looking at the future of IT in their practices, other businesses realize the future is no longer an accurate word.  Technology is driving businesses. All businesses including healthcare, but I digress.

In the same way that all businesses share the challenge and cost of technology, three characteristics set them apart regardless of their particular business. Of course, everyone is concerned about goals, processes and strategies and all businesses focus on these. And management of a practice is a daily must-do to keep the revenue stream and patients flowing.

Quality strategies, ambitious goals, and business wide standards are achieved by:

  1. Engaged leadership
  2. Focused culture
  3. Continuous improvement

We can define success as many things. While the language to describe success may have changed, success is still measured the same; healthy revenue streams, happy returning customers (patients) and a satisfied employee base.

To accomplish success an organization is driven by leadership that is not afraid of accountability or measurements of outcomes as a part of their directives.  Strong leaders in healthcare, like all strong leaders, look for success in other industries and use strategies that are found there.  The culture is characterized by focus on patients.  It is patient-centric in today’s terminology.  From the parking lot attendant to the physician to the food court employee, all are focused on the patient experience.  Continuous improvement has to be a part of the equation is success is to be maintained.  It’s not a QIT committee that will make the difference, it’s the leadership and culture of all successful organizations that look for ways to improve, cut costs, increase quality and safety, measure outcomes, and try new strategies.

Take a look around your clinic, practice, hospital, or organization. Do you see success in action?  If you do not, look to leadership first. The rest will follow.

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