Electronic device policy in the physician office

I was recently asked if physician practices have a cell phone policy for their offices and my answer was yes. Here is an example from one of my clients:

Cell Phones:

  1. The use of cell phones is prohibited on the office premises during office hours regardless of the fact you are on or off schedule. This includes using the cell phones for making calls, texting, or for listing to music.
  2. The use of cell phones is permissible only while on break, and should be restricted to kitchen, or should be done off premises. Calls of urgent nature while at work may be made after explicit permission of the supervisor and that too, off premises, or in the restricted areas.
  3. Office managers and other staff that are authorized to use cell phone for transecting official business are exempt from this policy.

Music Devices: Use of personal music listening devices such as Ipods, cell phones, MP3 players is prohibited while at work.

Internet: Use of internet for personal purpose is strictly prohibited. In case of any emergent situation, internet for personal reason may be accessed with explicit permission of supervisors making sure this does not interrupt the work flow and patient care.

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