Are you inspiring your physician practice employees?

While at Walmart this morning, I stumbled upon the staff’s morning meeting back in the auto section. Being obsessed with the concepts of management as I am, I could not help but eavesdrop while picking up my items. (Okay, maybe I could have helped myself, and just opted not to.)

After the manager said it was time to get started, the group said the following in unison:

“Go Kim.” (clap, clap) “Yay teamwork, woo-hoo.”

It was the most lackluster, monotone “cheer” I’ve ever heard. It was honestly painful to watch. I couldn’t stay another minute. I pondered the obvious lack of enthusiasm, and thought about the challenge managers face of helping people feel excited about their work. It’s not easy to inspire people, but I believe it can be done, whether at Wal-mart or in a physician practice. I think the most important factor is that the leaders have the passion themselves, or they aren’t going to get anywhere. Fortunately, even though I may be lacking a lot of things, passion is not one of them!

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