8 patient relations tips to wow them before their appointment

  1. Reading Material: Clear out all the old magazines and newspapers from the reception area, and replace them with reading material that’s up-to-date and relevant to your patients.  If you’ve got a ton of parents coming by with small children, consider something the little ones can read (coloring books and crayons, children’s books) as well as material the parents will find interesting (parenting magazines).  Have a lot of older clients?  Think about what they would find enjoyable reading material to pass the time while they wait for you.
  2. Fresh Flowers: Nothing warms up a reception area quite like fresh flowers.  They’re inexpensive, make a terrific first impression, and smell nice.  Change the water and flowers every 2-3 days to keep things looking great.
  3. Comfortable Chairs: Well this is a no brainer.
  4. Lighting: Fluorescent lights are harsh, make your eyes tired, and feel slightly institutional.  Would a few reading lamps make things feel slightly warmer and more comfortable for your patients?
  5. Mood Music: Lots of physician offices keep a television on in the waiting area, either as a distraction or as a means of providing educational content.  Switching off the tube and replacing it with some soothing client-appropriate background music set as a low volume makes people feel good (no Muzak, please).
  6. Paint And Flooring: Nothing feels more factory-like than white walls and linoleum floors.  How about a nice warm color and an area rug?  We’re not talking about a ton of cash, either – a can of paint can run $25, and an area rug from Target can be had for $100 or less.  Making your patient feel less like a number and more like a welcome guest goes a long way.
  7. Fresh Coffee And Bottled Water: Small bottles of water cost very little, yet they make a huge impact.  Same with a pot of fresh coffee.  Even if your patients don’t drink coffee, the aroma smacks of home and hearth.  Spending a few dollars on making your client feel comfortable will put them in a better mood when they sit down to meet with you.
  8. Free Wi-Fi: This is mandatory. Today's tech savvy patient demands it. Paid attention to how many iPads and other portable devices patients are brining with them?

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